School Partnership and Networks

The aim of this project is to design ways to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in supporting students learning 21st Century Skills. The project is specifically looking for versatile ICT uses in school, family and community partnerships that allow the crossing of the current borders in education.


Project cases

In case 1, the project studies how mobile devices can be used to support personalized learning. Case 2 explores the traditional boundaries of the school, and finds ways to use ICT in home and school co-operation. Finally, case 3 goes even further into the boundless learning concept, studying ways to use ICT in the collaboration between the school and the surrounding community, including kindergarten, library and senior home.

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Introductory video



The project is a joint venture between the Department of Teacher Education at University of Helsinki and the Learning Centre Innokas at Koulumestari School, City of Espoo.

Professor Jari Lavonen (
Department of Teacher education, University of Helsinki
Vice Headmaster Tiina Korhonen (
Koulumestari School and Learning Centre Innokas
Teacher Kati Sormunen (
Koulumestari School and Learning Centre Innokas
Teacher Minna Kukkonen (
Koulumestari School and Learning Centre Innokas