Gifted Science Students - Sharing and Ethics

VW - vision and work hard
Do not be afraid to make mistakes
Dr Shinya Yamanaka, the Millennium Grand Prize Winner 2012,
shared these words with the Millennium Youth Campers.

This project is a case study of the Millennium Youth Camp 2011 and 2012. The study examines collaborative learning, ethics, global sharing pedagogy and technology used in learning and sharing. Data is gathered with questionnaires (2011, 2012), videotapings (2012) and interviews (2012).

The project will be producing new kind of ethical and social approaches to science teaching and promoting social interaction, and also action models to design education and recruiting processes of future well-trained individuals with advanced skills. The study will share empirically proved educational package with pedagogical principles usable in science teaching.

Millennium Youth Camp (MY Camp)


To encourage young people aged 16-19 to study mathematics, natural sciences and technology
To network young people with each other, with individuals in Finnish companies and organizations and with top scientists

MY Campers
30 talented young people from all over the world
From mathematically oriented schools, interest to science through competitions, school success and their own research

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Professor Kirsi Tirri (
Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki
Professor Maija Aksela (
Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki
Postdoctoral Researcher Elina Kuusisto (
Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki
Reseacher Sakari Tolppanen (
Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki