Educational Exergames

Educational Exergames combine gameplay elements from learning games (cognitively challenging games) and exergames (physically challenging games such as Wii Fitness). 

The aim of this project is to design and study game solutions that increase physical activity in the classroom without interfering the objectives of the curriculum. The research studies the usefulness of a new serious game genre, educational exergames that aim to facilitate children’s fitness and physical development in educational context and explores ways to implement such games into the schools.

The benefits of the educational exergame approach

An adequate amount of physical activity is important for children. The most important benefits from school perspective are listed below.

  1. Increased physical activity has the potential to improve fitness and decrease obesity, both of which positively impact cognitive functioning and academic achievement.
  2. Physical activity activates brains for enhanced learning and memory.
  3. Good fitness potentially prevents troublesome behavior in schools.

The problem is that currently students spend the majority of their school time sitting in a classroom, which is not an optimal solution from both learning and health perspectives. Thus, this project studies educational exergames as an alternative learning environment that could increase physical activities on a day-to-day basis in schools.