This work package studies the interaction between people, learning and competence development, and technologies, points out the research problems and needs on these areas and produces solutions to the multiscientific research problems.

First, the work package studies pedagogical models for mobile learning environments both at school and workplace context. The hypothesis is that learning will happen more and more in mobile contexts and on open environments that utilize social media and user generated content.

Second, the research is to clarify the conceptions of teachers and students with respect to collaborative learning, in addition to pedagogical models connected with social simulations and games in network-based environments and mobile learning. The central research question is, how the pedagogical models which support collaborative learning, social simulation and playing games, are implemented within the network environment and mobile learning.

Third, the goal is to develop technology, which can contribute to more effective utilization of worldwide information resources and connect information, media, communication and learning theory in an effective way. This can be based on pedagogical concepts and models and design of embedded hardware and software technology supporting engagement and use of multiple interaction modalities for learning.

Furthermore, emergent mobile technologies support experiences based learning and information processing and social interaction in new kind of group work.

This research package aims at creating future scenarios of learning, which are not immediately visible today, but can be foreseen by the most talented researchers, the art of the impossible in learning and self-initiated activities of individual learners and groups. 

International Collaboration

The work package supports international research collaboration between universities, organizations and companies both in Finland and USA, especially with H-STAR Institute at Stanford University. As an outcome, the work package supports the increase of the high quality research in Finland, and promotes Finnish research abroad. 


Professor, director Jari Multisilta (
Cicero Learning, University of Helsinki
Researcher Jari Takatalo (
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University 
Cicero Learning, University of Helsinki