Digital Storytelling with MoViE

Digital storytelling is a defining feature in 21st century education and involves sharing information through multimedia. Taking advantage of the creative potential of modern communication technologies, students work together, explore their ideas and become creators, producers, and active learning participants.  

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MoViE: Our sharing platform

The primary tool enabling collaboration in the classroom and across borders is MoViE (Mobile Video Experience). Using MoViE students create, edit, share and remix collaborative digital storytelling projects with simple video from mobile devices.  

MoViE provides a space for sharing and creating mobile digital storytelling projects. Through these students have an opportunity to take an international perspective into their learning by collaborating and interacting with peers in other countries. Teachers in the Boundless Classroom are also breaking barriers locally as they use mobile digital storytelling as a way of encouraging students to critically explore their local communities and environments. 

The key features of MoViE are:

  • Student privacy is maintained; it is hosted on a secure server
  • Adults moderate content if needed
  • The focus is on storytelling, editing and production are simple and quick
  • It is free and web-based
  • Apps are available online, free & easy to download  

An open version of MoViE can be seen here []
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