helmikuu 2013 A Californian Sea Lion Enjoys Finnish School Lunch!

What do California sea lions an Finnish school lunches have to do with digital learning and global exchanges?   A lot, it turns out!  Welcome to the Boundless Classroom Digital Storytelling project, where student and teacher creativity are unleashed through international digital storytelling collaborations.

Thanks to the creative thinking of participating teachers in California and Finland, Arnold the California Sea Lion (pictured below gobbling up a rye cracker from a typical Finnish school lunch) has been helping to engage very young students (not to mention adults!) in digital storytelling and intercultural exchange.

Arnold enjoying a rye cracker during Finnish school lunch

After teaching Arnold (and themselves!) some key Finnish phrases, the first-grade class in California sent him to Finland where he experienced key parts of the Finnish school day (including the lunch pictured above) as well as winter snow.  In the meantime, these young students were learning about the environment, geography, and the global world.

The idea of exchanging Arnold came from participating teachers, and is a great example of the potential of digital storytelling to inspire new ways of engaging young people in learning.  Thank you to our teachers for sharing; we hope to have more updates about Arnold and his friends for you soon!

Ystävällisin terveisin : )

Jennifer Saari and all the Boundless Classroom Team

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