lokakuu 2012 Tutor students’ in collaboration

We have created an operating model to students’ co-operation. We have established a tutor team of ten fourth graders who study the use of interactive whiteboard with teacher. Since they have learned new skills they share their knowledge to their classmates. Tutor students are teaching their classmates every Friday morning in small groups. We have reserved several classrooms with SMARTBoards to make each student able to practice the tools. By this all the students learn the same skills as tutor students. In the future these skills are used in various presentations and class work. Tutor students are talented sharing their knowledge and teachers learn from them as well. A great way to learn and share!


Minna Kukkonen, Koulumestari School/Learning Centre Innokas, School Partnerships and Network, Case 3

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lokakuu 2012 Pupils innovating how to use mobile phones in the science project

Few weeks ago pupils innovated how to use smart phones in the forthcoming water project. Students worked in groups of four and their work was recorded with iPads. We chose ten group leaders who were familiar with using iPads and smart phones. Teacher shortly trained these group leaders. They were given a note what they would have to do during the group session. Main task was to come up with ideas how to use smart phones in their studies?

Group leaders worked nicely even though task was difficult for 5th graders. Groups came up with lots of ideas:
- Making notes: writing, making videos, taking pictures, dictating, recording sounds, making lists.
- Searching information from Internet: searching texts, videos or pictures from Google or Bing, using Wikipedia, YouTube or local news paper.
- Sharing information or asking help: email, Skype, Messenger, Skydrive or Vimeo.

I collected the groups’ ideas together and introduced those to the pupils the day before we started our water project.

Kati Sormunen
Koulumestari School
School Partnership and Networks, Case 1

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